About Me

I’m Dev! I’m 25 and I’ve been married for 2 years. I moved to Colorado from Oklahoma about a year ago so David could attend law school. It has been quite the transition! He’s Canadian and I’m American. We were long distance for years until we were married in 2015 and received his green card Summer 2016. (:

I’m a recovering binge eater. At my heaviest I was nearly 300lbs. The lowest I’ve been is 175lbs and I’ve yo yo’d between that and 200 for the last year. Trying to get my mind right and really do this last push to a healthier and happier me.

I also run a weight loss group on Facebook:

Fight Chub! It’s brought so much joy into my life.
It really is a great group of great people just sharing experiences and keeping people accountable.

I don’t really want to do this biography style so I’ll just put some facts about ME (:  
1. I’m adopted, and both my brothers were too. I don’t know much about my birth parents and I’ve never been too curious, self-preservation maybe.
2. In 2013 my middle brother Matthew was killed in a car accident in Phoenix while he was attending radiology school. A 16 year old kid without a license was driving recklessly with his 4 siblings in the car. He lost control of the van and crashed head on into my brother. 3 of his siblings died in that accident and my brother died later that night. A few months later in November my mother passed away from complications of her rheumatoid arthritis. I had taken care of her since I was 16. She had good days and bad days. Her death was both really sudden and really slow. It took a long time for me to cope with the loss from that year.

I essentially became a different person after losing half of my family. I learned so much about grief, life, and myself. I learned that memories are incredibly precious and that choosing to be happy and finding joy again was only going to happen if I pushed myself.

3.We have two fur babies, Bella a long-haired chihuahua who is 7.
& Harley Quinn, our 3 year old bengal cat.
They are both very, very spoiled.

4. I’ve worked in Cosmetology, retail, accounting, beauty counters, special FX make-up and sales. I can’t say I’ve really found my calling yet but I’m very passionate about education, science, and making the earth a better place.

5. I am a huge bookworm. If I’m not reading, I want to be reading. I do a lot of reading on behavioral psychology, neuroscience, habits, eastern philosophy and basically the self-help genre. I love being able to read and improve myself, but I do love the fun stuff! – My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Sarah Dessen, Emily Giffin, Laurell K. Hamilton, Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe, Charlaine Harris, + many more!

6. I am a TV and movie buff. I can kill it in any pop trivia 😉 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Adventure Time, Dexter, Game of Thrones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Ted Talks, The Last Man on Earth, Arrested Development, Archer, HGTV  & Food Network.

7.Yoga & mindful meditation CHANGED my life. No really.

8. Traveling is my favorite thing to do. My favorites include New Orleans, Belize, Barcelona, Orlando, BVI’s, & Aspen. Be sure to catch my blogs over what we do and where we stay! Love love love seeing the world.

I love seeing other people’s stories! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me! 

Some photos? Okay!