Vitamin Donuts Coaching


I think you can tell that weight loss, building healthy habits, and setting goals is a big part of my life and my mindset. My binge eating was out of control for years and I didn’t know why I was doing it or who I could turn to. Once I lost 130lbs I decided that it was time to really start sharing my knowledge and experience with others who might be in the same situation I was.

I run a group on Facebook called Fight Chub:

It’s a great group of people that are working together to stay accountable, celebrate each other’s victories, and pick each other up when we’re having a hard time. We’d love to have you.

You can also reach me through my private email:

I’ll be available for check-ins, tips, information, and questions. I’ll also be sending you grocery lists, exercising tips, and my general approach to weight loss and getting healthy.

You’ll also be on a mailing list for my weekly coaching blogs twice a week.

You don’t have to feel scared or out of control. Rebuilding your habits and relationship with food can seem impossible, but it’s not.

I’d love for you to reach out because I’d love to help.

Week One Coaching Blogs 

Introduction – February 7th, 2017

– Let’s talk food prep. February 8th, 2017


Week Two Coaching Blogs

If you truly want to lose weight, stop trying to lose weight.